Creating a Social Media Strategy With The Populations They Are Designed To Reach.


Social Media 4 Social Change

Is an evidence-informed program that engages with an organization and provided guidance and tools for the development of a population-driven social media strategy. The infrastructure, skills and guidance that result from the SM4SC implementation allows the target population to develop web content (aka user generated content or UGC) to populate a host of agency-branded social networking services (SNS), but builds in protocols and structures to protect the agency from potential PR issues that can result from population-generated social media content.

  • Works with key agency staff and target-population participants to concretize and unify the goals of your social media strategy (e.g. bring teens into the clinic, view social marketing campaigns, drive traffic to website, enroll individuals in insurance programs, etc.);
  • Trains staff and participants on methods for creating content that is most likely to appeal to the intended target audience and produce desired outcomes;
  • Using CHS’s copyrighted Social Marketing Core Elements rubric, we facilitate the process of ensuring population-produced content is compelling, effective, respectful, tasteful, communicates the agency’s values and minimizes the potential for negative PR.
  • Establishes and delineates clear roles for staff and participants such as promoters, content creators, coordinators, etc.;
  • Implements and documents the agency’s social media strategy (SMS) infrastructure and protocols to ensure organizational knowledge is maintained regardless of staff turnover;
  • Builds a host of SNS (or strengthens existing ones) and generates “likes” and followers for these SNS directly from the target population using the social networks of the participants in your program (i.e. your social media content creators and promoters);
  • Works with key staff and participants to design a social-media based system for allowing consumers of your SMS to request appointments, more information or support;
  • Brands your SNS with population-friendly imaging that conveys the desired tone and authenticity;
  • Can also include a professional photo shoot with participants and staff in relevant locations and backdrops
  • Works directly with the target population (teens, young women, low-income, trans, etc.) to generate tagline slogans and hashtags – the essential copy that will brand your campaign and communicate the desired effects of your social media marketing efforts;
  • Assists the agency to register hashtags so that they appear in web searches, explain the nature of the campaigns, and ultimately link back to your agency and website;
  • Coordinates and provides strategies for the promotion of existing marketing materials;
  • Develops and establishes analytics to track social media progress;

Click here to see a sampling of content produced during or after the implimentation of SM4SC.