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Preparing service organizations for shifting technologies, values & trends, Connected Health Solutions, Inc. is an organizational development consultancy dedicated to assisting agencies to deliver the highest quality services to vulnerable and under-served populations. We do this by increasing organizational knowledge and capacity through fun, entertaining, engaging and innovative programming.

While strategic planning, capacity-building, program development & evaluation, and staff training are fundamental organizational development products, Connected Health Solutions, Inc. specializes in teaching agencies how to incorporate new media and enjoyment in all of their approaches.


CHS Programs

My Media Life


Branded social marketing campaigns created by the populations they are designed to reach.


Social Media 4 Social Change

Engages with any target population and organization to envision, build, brand and manage a participatory social media strategy.


Peer Action Program

Works with members of any target population to structure real-world activities and events to increase awareness, knowledge and visibility of the host agency, while generating digital content to fuel an organization’s social media strategy



preventing digital

Dynamic and fun workshops that change digital behaviors and enhance interpersonal skills.

My Media Life

CHS Productions

A youthful and nimble team dedicated to helping non-profits and service organizations to generate high quality digital video product for changing behaviors and community norms, fundraising, patient recruitment, agency branding, and marketing services.



events and showcases


In addition the core strengths above, CHS consultants are often invited to lecture and present around the country as well as host events and showcases.



Lectures &


bulletpointThe importance of social marketing for changing behavior and shifting norms

bulletpointThe impact of new media on adolescent development and mental health

bulletpointNew media for public health and well being

bulletpointEmotional regulation strategies using cognitive-behavioral approaches & new media

bulletpointTeen-driven social marketing strategies

bulletpointMarketing and branding strategies for public health and service organizations


Events &


bulletpoint Award shows


bulletpointTeen events


If you would like to schedule an event, keynote or presentation please email


Principal Consultant


Kenny Neal Shults has over 20 years of experience working and consulting with service organizations across the country to develop sound, innovative, measurable, engaging, and respectful strategies for engaging with key, vulnerable populations.

Kenny specializes in public health and behavior-change program and curriculum development surrounding a variety of at-risk populations, including adolescents, men who have sex with men (MSM), intravenous drug users (IDU), homeless and runaway teens, lgb and trans populations.

Kenny has been a pioneer in the development of Internet and social media-based approaches and travels the U.S. lecturing and training on social marketing for public health, using the internet to reach youth and MSM, and the impacts of new media on public and mental health and at-risk-population behavior. Read more>>

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