Branded social marketing campaigns created by the populations they are designed to reach.

MyMediaLife participants envision, design, and produce their own beautifully-crafted pieces of social marketing (commercial-length digital films or posters) that can surround any area of focus such as:

Behavioral issues – bullying, violence, unhealthy relationships

New-media abuses – texting while driving, sexting, cyber-bullying

Environmental concerns – recycling, water conservation, global warming, fire prevention

Public Health – smoking, STD/HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention

Mental Health – stigma, depression, suicide, anxiety, addiction

As a result of engaging in the evidence-informed MML process participants perspectives and behaviors around the chosen topic are forever altered as they gain a fuller understanding of not only the area of focus, but also new media, their values, emotions, behaviors, and goals. This is all accomplished while enhancing cognitive-behavioral skills in a fun, dynamic, empowering and non-judgmental setting. The campaigns can be used by the agency for:

Community-level behavior and norm change

Recruitment and outreach

Public Awareness


Fund raising

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ch2Preventing Digital Disasters

Dynamic and fun workshops that change digital behaviors and enhance interpersonal skills.


In this new communications landscape driven largely by new media (email, SMS, social media) interpersonal skills are quickly becoming more and more scarce among teens and adults alike. The impact of this shift can be seen all around us:

 Texting While Driving



 Social Media Over-Sharing

 Addiction to Likes

 Screen Obsession

 Dependence on Texting for Difficult Communications

 Decrease in Motoric and Pre-frontal Brain Matter

 Increase in Negative Mood Offline

We creates a dynamic and fun learning environment that promotes positive applications of new & social media and the skills related to both digital and face-to-face communication.

Workshops can be delivered in a variety of formats:

Half Day | One Day | 3-5 Day “Boot camp” | Semester or Summer Program

CHS specializes in providing workshops and behavior-change strategies for school-age children, adolescents, young adults, parents, teachers, practitioners, and public health professionals and entities. MyMediaLife has produced numerous social-media marketing strategies with adolescents who are guided through the creation of compelling social marketing campaigns for other teens that educate, generate awareness, and change behaviors in their peers. CHS’ partnerships with schools and public health organizations include New York City Public Schools, Healthy Teen Network, Planned Parenthood, Community Healthcare Network, and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.





Social Media for Social Change is a program that engages with any target population to create a social-media marketing strategy on behalf of the host agency.

SM4SC is a fun and dynamic workshop series that imparts:

An overview and instruction of key social media platforms

Content generation and dissemination strategies

Creation, management, and promotion of social media outlets

Branding fundamentals

Methods for creating, registering and marketing a #hashtag

Ways to utilize social media to structure & market face-to-face events such as youth summits, conferences, “Teen Nights,” tabling events, etc.

SM4SC works with a population to create and manage a population driven social media marketing strategy. 

The participants become your social-media marketing department, making it “tribal” and organic.



Street Smart is a highly effective, dynamic group-level cognitive behavioral intervention targeted to at risk youth.

Connected Health Solutions staff are Street Smart Master Trainers.

Street Smart is a highly effective, dynamic group-level cognitive behavioral intervention targeted to at risk youth. Agencies use this skills-building program to help high-risk youth reduce unprotected sex acts and substance use. Utlizing Social Learning Theory, which links feelings, attitudes, and thoughts to behavior change, Street Smart is conducted over a six- to eight-week period with 10-12 youth. The program consists of eight 1 1⁄2- to 2-hour group sessions, one individual session, and one visit to a community-based resource. Each session has specific goals surrounding HIV/AIDS & STD knowledge, pregnancy prevention, coping and negotiation skills, personalized risk assessment, and reducing drug and alcohol use. Group members participate in scripted and non-scripted role plays, activities, and video production in a fun, non-judgmental setting.


The four core elements of the Street Smart program:

1. Enhancing affective and cognitive awareness, expression, and control;

2. Teaching HIV/AIDS risk hierarchy and its personal application;

3. Identifying personal triggers, using peer support and small group skills-building sessions;

3. Building participants’ skills in problem solving, personal assertiveness, and HIV/AIDS risk reduction.

Research Results

Participants reported lower rates of substance use and unprotected sex acts;
Young women self-reported greater reductions in substance abuse and unprotected sex acts;
African-American youth self-reported less substance use than youth of other ethnic groups.

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