Real World Action Digitally Documented To Drive Your Social Media Strategy.


CHS’ Peer Action Program

Is an evidence-informed program that works with members of any target population to structure real-world activities and events to increase awareness, knowledge and visibility of the host agency, while generating digital content to fuel an organization’s social media strategy. Most often the Peer Action Program is implemented with agencies and participants who have already engaged with CHS’ other programming such as MyMediaLife or SM4SC. CHS and agency staff employ high-functioning returning participants to develop, design and get approved actions such as teen testing nights, peer training, advocacy events, activism and/or other in-person activities that are digitally recorded and leveraged to drive the host agency’s social media marketing activities.

CHS guides participants through the development of action plans, which include:

  • Setting measurable objectives,
  • Delineating outputs,
  • Determining the methods and portals through which activities will be carried out
  • Setting outcomes
  • Budgeting for projects

CHS then offers ongoing agency-guidance on how to utilize resulting digital products as part of highly targeted digital content and/or ads that promote key services or events.

These activities have numerous effects on both participants and the host agency. Participants increase skills related to setting and meeting goals and objectives while the host agency increases its visibility in innovative and progressive ways.