Preparing service organizations for shifting technologies, values and trends


Connected Health Solutions, Inc. is a consultancy dedicated to assisting organizations to deliver the highest quality services to vulnerable and under-served populations. We do this by increasing organizational knowledge and capacity through innovative, timely approaches. While strategic planning, capacity-building, program development & evaluation, and staff training are some of the primary products that accomplish this, Connected Health Solutions, Inc. specializes in teaching agencies how to incorporate new media in all of their approaches, which alters the nature and delivery of these primary products.

In an interview with the CEO of a major Television network just after the dawn of the new media revolution, Shults said: “There’s been a fundamental redistribution of the power of the end user.” Meaning – we are not longer in control of what our populations consume or when they consume it. Efforts to educate, promote services, change behaviors and meet with funders’ deliverables to impact lives are now quite dependent on new media, and moreover, require a shift from traditional approaches to ones that capture the attention and respect of the people we’re funded to serve.

Since 1999 Connected Health Solutions, Inc. Principal Consultant, Kenny Shults, has been a leader and innovator in the field of utilizing new media to further public health. Since that time he has developed numerous resources and engaged with scores of agencies to employ Internet and social media strategies to streamline services, connect with difficult-to-reach populations, and market themselves in ways traditional outreach methods cannot.

We take a culturally sensitive approach to our work, and employ tested behavior science, best practices, the latest research, adult-learning principals, and knowledge derived from years of experience to assist organizations with a variety or services and products including:

Cutting edge public health & disease prevention strategies (e.g. engaging men in reproductive healthcare)

HIV/STD Prevention Programming
Adolescent Sexual Health Programming
Harm Reduction Programming
Grant Writing & Development Assistance Monitoring, Evaluation and Logic Modeling
Policies & Procedures Development Organizational, Community and Target-population Assessments
Program Tools Development Project Management Strategic planning
Internet-based Outreach and Prevention Services
Educational and PSA Video Campaigns
User Generated Content (UGC) Programming and Campaigns
Webinar Design and Implementation
City/State Advisory Group Formation Guidance
Team building and conflict resolution
Staff retreats & development events Board development
360 degree evaluations