Branded Social Marketing Campaigns Created By The Populations They Are Designed To Reach.



MyMediaLife is designed

To accomplish a host of organizational and programmatic objectives all in the same implementation.

  • The MyMediaLife workshops series implemented with youth (or any “target population”) has an intervention effect on participants. As a result of engaging in the evidence-informed MML process participants’ perspectives and behaviors around the chosen topic are forever altered as they gain a fuller understanding of not only the area of focus, but also new media, their values, emotions, behaviors, and goals. This is all accomplished while enhancing cognitive-behavioral skills in a fun, dynamic, empowering and non-judgmental setting. View our participant outcomes evaluation results here.
  • MyMediaLife culminates in a highly targeted, professionally-produced social marketing campaign can be leveraged to change community behaviors and norms, conduct individual and group level interventions, fundraise, market and brand your agency, promote services, recruit patients, and more.
  • MyMediaLife employs a variety of behavioral-science informed strategies for effectively engaging with and empowering youth and other target populations. CHS works directly with agency staff involved in the implementation to increase capacity to replicate these approaches on their own in order to more successfully build group cohesion, reduce attrition, increase populations’ investment in the agency, inspire advocacy, and spur further production of population-produced marketing materials.

MyMediaLife participants

Envision, design, and produce their own beautifully crafted pieces of social marketing (commercial-length digital films or posters designed to change behaviors) that can surround any area of focus such as:

Behavioral issues – bullying, violence, unhealthy relationships
New-media abuses – texting while driving, sexting, cyber-bullying
Environmental concerns – recycling, water conservation, global warming, fire prevention
Healthy eating and active living – diet, sugar intake, exercise
Public Health – smoking cessation, STD/HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention
Mental Health – stigma, depression, suicide, anxiety, addiction

To see the campaigns produced in concert with youth and other populations click here. To see a video explaining MyMediaLife click here.


MyMediaLife is an all in one program that serves a variety of functions. MML is designed for non-profits and organizations that don’t have funds to pay for marketing consultation, capacity building, and social media strategy development separately. So not only does MML offer a group level intervention (GLI) for the participants, allow for individual level engagements (ILI), and produce a community level intervention (CLI) in the form of a digital media campaign – it also supplies the host agency with materials, guidance and training related to using the campaign to promote your agency’s mission and goals. Additionally, it provides staff that work with adolescents with a unique capacity building opportunity that increases their ability to work with youth as partners, utilize science-informed strategies, and strengthen their relationships with youth.